Upcoming Meetings

In order to achieve our goals, events take place regularly. We are happy about every participant, also non-members are welcome at special events and pay a slightly higher fee!

General Assembly


Location: 10:30 am, Dynamo Zurich


Afterwards, we will meet for lunch at 12:30 at Sapa Canteen!




Past meetings

Annual Fondue at Frau Gerolds Winterstube

30.11.2023, 7:00 pm 

Our annual Fondue-night will take place again at Frau Gerolds Winterstube (Geroldstrasse 23/23a, 8005 Zürich, near Bahnhof Hardbrücke) 

Get together at ESTRO 2023

Lunch at Neni am Prater in Vienna on the 14th of May


Get together at SASRO 2023

Drinks at Rooftop Grill @Kursaal

Ethos at USB

14.06.2023 in Basel


Thank you for a great tour - and a lovely dinner by the river afterwards!


Zap X at SNRC

October 5th 2022

SNRC (https://www.snrc.ch) in Zurich


Get together at SASRO 2022

September 1st 2022, 6.30 pm

MR-Linac at USZ

November 19th 2021

Radio-Oncology, University Hospital Zurich

The first LiveEvent of SWIRO in 2 years with our visit to the MRIDIAN Linac in the USZ on Wednesday was great.
Many thanks to Michael, Mäggi and Michelle for the interesting presentations!
And many thanks to Helena for organizing the visit and the fine meal in FrauGeroldsWinterstübli, where the exchange and networking was fully lived!

Get together at SASRO

2nd September 2021

Live late summer aperitif in Rorschach!

Get together at SASRO

August 29th 2019

Mövenpick Hotel in Lausanne

talk  on "Equal Rights in Medicine" by Prof. Landau

November 13th 2019

Very interesting insights into the successful career of Prof. Landau, followed by a lively exchange during the aperitif with very tasty finger food from Orient Catering Zurich.


Hyperthermia in KS Aarau

July 3rd 2019, 6 pm

On July 3, 2019, we visited the Aarau Cantonal Hospital in the Radio-Oncology Department and listened to exciting presentations by Dr. E. Puric and Mr. O. Timm on hyperthermia. During the subsequent aperitif, relationships were established and cultivated in a lively exchange.

rhetoric seminar

November 21st 2018

Very informative and actively designed seminar with Mrs. Sibylle Sommerer from Speak.ch at the Blue City Hotel in Baden.

general assembly

March 19th 2022

Only for members, 10 o'clock at




Wasserwerkstrasse 19

8006 Zürich

general assembly

May 29th 2021

virtual by the link sended for SKYPE

Second virtual assembly took place with attendance of 13 members. the topics on the agenda were addressed in a focused manner in 50 minutes. Subsequently, some of the members exchanged informal topics.

general assembly

November 7th 2020

virtual by the link sended for SKYPE

First virtual assembly took place with attendance of 13 members. the topics on the agenda were addressed in a focused manner in 40 minutes. Subsequently, there was an lively informal exchange between some of the members.

general assembly

March 20th 2019

Universitätsspital Zürich, KUE F14, Schmelzbergstr. 14, 8091 Zürich

Only for members

general assembly

March 14th 2018

The meeting took place with the participation of many members in the University Hospital of Zurich. The agenda was dealt with. Among other things the vice-president was elected and the next events as well as the creation of the homepage were advanced.

inaugural assembly

May 10th 2017

Founding meeting and initialization of various working groups, Hotel Trafo, Baden.

regulars' table

January 30th 2019

Exchange from 7 pm at Cucina Kaserne, Kasernenstrasse 77, 8004 Zurich

regulars' table

September 19th 2018

Exchange from 7 pm at Loft Five, Europaallee 15, Zurich

regulars' table

May 16th 2018

Exchange from 7 pm at Jack&Jo, Winterthur.

Cyber Knife

Juli 11th 2018

Event at the Radiooncology Hirslanden Zurich  with tour by Dr. Curschmann and demonstration of the Cyber Knife by
Dr. Hälg.

The Way to Co-Management

November 23rd 2017

Event with Dr. med. Stephanie von Orelli on women in executive positions with the topic "the way to co-management / top sharing", Au Premier, Zurich main station.

Fair speech

Januar 20th 2017

all started with this:

Event with Mrs. Cornelia Schinzilarz on communication with „Gerechtes Sprechen“, Villa Boveri, Baden.